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Beauty Corner

Brilliant Brows - Make-Up Revolution Ultra Brow Palette





Hello Lovelies & welcome to Bradley's Beauty Blog. 

Our newest blog is all about the brows. You may have caught our vlog on Snapchat of this recent look if not why not add us - bradleysph to keep up to date with all our news, products, special offers & some devilment within the company.  


Now its time to jump into my favorite beauty routine part...Applying the brows !!!


To create the perfect brow I used Make-Up Revolution Ultra Brow Palette. 




Step 1 - Begin by outlining the brow with the Brow Pencil. Apply the pencil to the lower part of your brow & from the middle at the top down to the edge. 


Step 2 - Use the Angled Brush to apply the brown wax. 

Top tip : always use a dark shade on the outside & middle. 




Step 3 - On the inside of the brow use a lighter shade to blend the darker part out. Use upward strokes to create a feathered look/natural hair growth look. 


Step 4 - To finished off your brow I would advise to always use a concealer or high lighter.Use a the flat headed brush for this application. Using these products will clean up the brow & give it a precise finish.




And waalaa you have the perfect brow. Make-up Revolution Ultra Brown Palette is available in store & online for only €10.99.











My dear readers.

Before I start sharing my knowledge about contouring, highlighting, strobing or what not, I got to say few words (of wisdom).

Everyone wants to look a certain way these days which scares me a little because of how many different faces and shapes there are. It’s all about that Kim K extreme cheek contour and that Jeffree Star highlight, LAWD. Honestly, there is absolutely no judgement coming from me, if you want to glow like a star than do, sometimes I glow like a meteor in the dark skies. It’s just something about this whole trend that is a little too glamourized & hyped up. 

If you have Instagram (even Facebook), you will know exactly what I am talking about. There are millions of looks to go for and what we’re settling for is that carved out brow, winged eyeliner and excessive amount of highlighter. Is that hate talk or real talk? You tell me.

Anyway, what I am trying to say here is that, don’t worry. You don’t need to know how to contour or how to make your brown HD. And if you do want to do all of that because you just feel like it, then feel free to do your make-up how-ever you wish to! There is absolutely no pressure to look a certain way! Just because someone is glamorised, it doesn’t make YOU any less worthy or beautiful.


To the contouring so.

As I mentioned on our Snapchat, I have a square ish face but the contour that I’ve done was probably suitable for all sort of shapes and sizes. However, there are little adjustments that you have to make when working on that contour.

Before I give out tips & tricks, look at the image below and examine which shape of face you would be inclined to own. 


  1. 1.       Pick out the right shade for carving out & shadowing.

This is important because you don’t want it to look extremely dark, especially if you’re a starter at this game. Pick out 2-4 shades darker than your skin tone and start off little by little when applying the product. It’s easier to add more than reversing your make-up steps! In my tutorial, I used NYX Wonder Stick in Medium. You can find this product on our website like every other I will mention on this blog post.

  1. 2.       Pick a shade that is lighter than your skin tone when going for highlighting.

I am not talking about cupid’s boy glitter highlighting but the under eye/nose, forehead highlighting. You can also call it concealing. The shade must be lighter by 2-3 shades of your natural skin tone, depending how dramatic you want your makeup to look.

  1. 3.       Have a setting powder ready.

I cannot stress it enough but girl (or boy), you MUST set your face after applying cream/liquids as a base. Ie; foundation, cream contour etc. If you don’t set your face with powder, your make up WILL move. It will smudge and your natural oils will come through causing your make-up patch and “cake”. Just use a thin layer of powder by DABBING your brush on to your face, no strokes please or again, you will cause your make-up to move.

  1. 4.       Don’t forget about your contour powders/bronzers & blush.

To make everything SET and last all day/night/week then add some more colour by going over your cream contour. Great shades from the NYX range, likes of medium bronze that is a brick red and dark that is quite ashy. And to make yourself look like a human, don’t forget to add a little bit of colour on your cheeks. Again, few of my favourite from NYX; Crimson, Beach Babe & Dare. Just few lights strokes and you are done!

  1. 5.       HIGHLIGHTER!!

I love highlighters but we confuse actual GLITTER to a subtle glow sometimes. My biggest pet peeve is seeing someone with a massive stroke of glitter on their face that is not blended or pretty. It looks silly, please stop. Blend or use a lighter shade. Please. Stop.

Find a highlighter that doesn’t contain chunky glitter or is a bright lilac colour. If you want to glow like goddess but still look somewhat sophisticated, then use a shade that is very similar to your skin tone. A Champaign colour for girls that are fair, a peachy shade for the medium skin tone gals out there and a deep bronzed gold for the darker shaded queens.


If you found some of my tips somehow useful, I am happy. If not, then that is ok too, because at the end of the day, it’s only make up.




Hello my dear reader!

Today I will be writing about two products that are quite important when it comes to longevity and quality! I have reviewed NYX Matte Lip Crème in colour Istanbul on Friday and then the Jumbo Pencil in (colour) on Sunday night. So, let’s start, shall we?



 Starting off with the lip crème. I absolutely loved the colour of the products and thought that it would go amazing with a smoked out “natural” look. So, I went for that exact look on Friday. By the way, when I hear about anything “matte” it freaks me out a little if I’d be honest. Because I am a dry skin/lips girl, matte is usually the enemy when it comes to foundations & any sort of lip products. (I have a love/hate relationship with liquid lipsticks. They are so pretty yet they dry the living crap out of my lips!)

Anyway, the application of the product was very smooth and velvety. I loved that it did not dry out my lips instantly yet again I was on a look out for the later stage. The lip crème smells like bubble gum/cotton candy 

sort of way but not a

s intense, if you know what I mean. The only thing I’ve done to my lips before applying the product was moisturise them & had a thin layer of foundation on to intensify the colour of the lip crème. The colour was very vivid and pigmented. There was no patchiness or texture which I was very happy with!

*Just a little tip; Always moisturise your lips before applying any sort of product on your lips. It will make a smooth base which will increase longevity & colour vibrancy.

I have applied my make up about half an hour before lunch which was a little unfair I suppose! I had a wrap, which can get messy when eating and of course it did. I remember tapping my lips with a tissue trying not to rub the product completely off my lips whilst drinking coffee and talking! I must say, I was impressed when I looked at my lips in the mirror. I expected the whole product to be gone but the pigment stayed on! With no touch ups, I went on with my day and about 3 hours later I did my first proper check up on Snapchat (bradleysph). The colour was obviously faded but the pigment stayed leaving my lips blushing pink. It wasn’t as intense but lip cremes usually abandon lips as soon as you leave your house!

I decided to re-apply the lip crème over my existing layer to see how it applies & sets. There was no texture or dryness at all! I cannot explain how surprised I was. I absolutely love this product and it is probably one of my favourite lippies at the moment! The second layer stayed on until I had to take off my make-up 4 hours later.

This product is definitely not long wearing but it does leave a stain when some of the product rubs off. Also, it is ridiculously easy to re-apply without getting any texture or patchiness on your lips! After all it is a lip CRÈME. Definitely matte but NOT at any stage drying!

Just be sure to moisturise your lips before application and try wearing it with a lip liner that is a nude or a similar shade. The lip liner will help the product stay on your lips for a longer period of time and make the colour more intense! 




The second lippy that I’ve tried out from NYX was the Jumbo Lip Pencil in colour Chaos. Chaos is a very bright colour that would incline towards fusia pink/purple tones. Bright lipsticks are not something that would be my cup of tea, unless it’s a hot red! Hypocrite or whatever you want to call me, but I do love my reds. So, it was a little intimidating to wear such a bright colour but for the love of make-up, I did!

I had a very simple eye with individual lashes. There was no colour on my face (blush wise) and the eyeshadow was nearly non-existent. It’s not that I don’t like mixing colours, I do but sometimes I play safe when it comes to colours like “Chaos”. Again, I did not do anything but moisturise and put a thin layer of foundation on my lips. The colour applied creamy and generous. It was a very quick application but I had to be more careful on the edges of my lips because of the chunky tip.


The first impression was positive. The colour was vibrant, there were no patches and the lips felt moisturised. It pretty much stayed like that until I had some Ramen later that night. The glossy finish was gone but the pigment was very much on the lips! I mean, the pigment did no leave until I RUBBED it with oil based make-up remover before I climbed my bed!

Before I jump ahead, I did put a second layer or the lip pencil after dinner. I could feel that my lips were a little drier when applying the colour but it could be because of the salty ramen.

*Salty food dehydrates skin & lips so drink tons of water with your food to stay hydrated!

The second layer stayed glossy and vibrant throughout the whole night! Approx. 6.5 hours’ total wear.

One thing that I have also noticed is that the corner of my lips started to “bleed”. The lip lines started to absorb the colour but not by tons, just something that I’ve noticed. To prevent your lipctick from “bleeding”, line your lips with any type of lip pencil.

Overall, fantastic products & I recommend! 






Good Day everyone!

I’ve been a sick little pup this weekend so the blog is scheduled later than the usual Monday.
So, let’s start reviewing!

Last week I tried out two products which were specifically for the eye area. One was the NYX Waterproof Mascara and the second product was the Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown.

Eye-Brows, what a sore subject. Honestly, I didn’t think that eyebrows would ever be such a big deal as it is right now. Everybody wants that HD Brow and everyone is tattooing their faces and it’s all a big mess! I am a strong believer of a neat yet NATURAL Brow. Something that you don’t see much of these days. 


The NYX Brow Pencil was something that achieved that natural look that I usually try to go for. The applicator was creamy, easy to apply yet very pigmented. The only thing that is not the products fault was that the colour did not match my hairs. I usually like darker brows but the dark brown was just too red for my liking. However, after applying the brow pencil, I set the tails of my brows with the powder that I usually would use. Don’t worry, I did not completely erase the pencil as I did need to see how the product lasts on my brows throughout the day.

After applying the products, I set the brow with a clear gel (which I always do). One more trick that I would recommend for setting brows.

Spray some hair spray on your spoolie and brush hairs upwards. The hair spray sets them for the whole day just try and avoid water at all times!

There is nothing else to say but the fact that the brows were set for the whole day. A little bit of my tail rubbed off but that is completely normal after having them on for nearly 10 hours. I would definitely recommend purchasing one of these bad boys but please chose the colour wisely.

The crayon will last you for a while as it is a generous applicant and it only costs €7.00. If that is not a good deal, I don’t know what is!


Moving on to the Doll Eye Waterproof Mascara.

This product I have used before the “first impression”. I am guilty, I know but hear me out.
I am not a very picky person when it comes to mascara. The reason for that is because no matter how expensive or how GREAT the mascara is, my lashes lay flat after one hour of application. Bummer. The only mascara that I do love costs nearly 40 euro and it is not something that I can afford at the moment. Common, it’s a freaking mascara!! So, because I was stuck with a bad mascara, I couldn’t wait to try this one out.

This mascara is definitely waterproof! It does not MOVE when my eyes get watery or when I am having a sneaky cry. It does not flake throughout the day or end up on top of my lid when I am applying it. I think it may be because of the curvy applicator that is very soft on touch and keeps the lashes from touching your lids. The lashes end up fluffy and whispy yet not at all spidery!

First, I curl my lashes with a warm lash curler for a long-lasting effect. After curling them for few seconds, I apply the mascara, wiggling it up from the root to the tip. When I am happy with the application I stop, and move on to my second eye. Then, I put on a second coat for a very dramatic effect. My lashes are not long at all but this mascara makes them so full and obviously much longer than they are naturally! I really do like this mascara. It’s long lasting, waterproof, makes my lashes long yet volumous and its only €10! Definitely recommend this awesome product! 




Hello beautiful ladies!! 

Another week passed and I have tried out three more products from NYX. This week we dedicate a post for NYX Stay Matte but not Flat Foundation, NYX Matte Bronzer and NYX Stay Matte but not Flat Powder.

Silly me got a foundation that is way too dark for my skin which made me do tan on a Wednesday. Who does that!?? Me. I did it. I did it for the review guys. The texture of the foundation is very smooth and thick. My first impression of it was that it is going to be FULL coverage, and I was right. I didn’t apply any primer at all because I like to test foundations on moisturised, bare skin. I feel like that is the only way you may know that the foundation is either going to make it or break it.


As I was applying the foundation, I noticed that it started setting very quickly. Yet the coverage was very good but it didn’t feel like I was wearing a mask. It felt light, breathable and it smelled pretty good too! I thought that it would be harder to blend the concealer in as the foundation set so quickly, but it turned out to blend ok to my surprise. I set my concealer with NYX Stay Matte but not Flat powder in Ivory and bronzed the rest with NYX Matte Bronzer in Medium. I would usually set my whole face with powder before contouring, highlighting etc but the foundation had set fast enough for the bronzer to apply seemingly on to my skin.

The first look of the finished face was flawless, smooth and quiet full coverage which are all the factors that I look for in a foundation. Being a matte foundation it was surprisingly velvety on my skin and did not cling on to any of my dry spots that even a “moisturising” foundation would sometimes bring out.

Three hours later was my first check-up. Everything was still in place but there was one thing that no foundation has ever done for me. My glasses ALWAYS leave a mark on the bridge & at the both sides of my nose. It’s a pain because no foundation and no amount of baking has ever made the foundation stay in full coverage mode!  Nevertheless, everywhere else was as good as it was when I first applied it.

My last check-up was later on the evening, approx. @ 6pm. I was very tired therefore I didn’t wear the foundation for a longer period of time. Nevertheless, it was a total of 8 hours’ wear, which is long enough to see if the foundation is good or bad. I noticed that my chin area was smudged a little but that was because I keep touching my chin and jaw when working. (Bad habit!)

Everything else was set and the powder did a good job at keeping my concealer at place and wrinkle free. My forehead was a little bit on the shiny side which would have been perfectly fine if I set it earlier on the day. Even though I have extremely dry skin, some areas do get oily throughout the day.

Overall, very happy with the foundation and I would like to give it an 8.5/10. Being a picky girl with my foundations, I find that NYX Stay Matte but not Flat foundation has served me well, especially for its inexpensive price tag. I would compare it to YSL Double Wear foundation @ price of €40.00.

The powders are also something that I will keep using. The bronzer is a little too red for my preference but it did an amazing job at warming up my skin and contouring that double chin!! 




Hello Ladies,

The first two products that I have tried out this week are: NYX Pore Filler Primer and the NYX Wonder Stick. Starting off with the primer; I applied it on the left-hand side of my face to see if the primer really makes any difference. I applied it to my clean, moisturised skin and blended it in with my hands. It’s a very soft (fluffy) consistency and my skin felt velvety after application. That is exactly what you want and should expect from pore-filling primers.
Regarding pores, I didn’t see them disappear straight away after applying the primer which is not surprising. Spoiler alert; no primer does that. But I did notice a difference on the left side of my face to the right after applying foundation. It felt like the foundation was applied much smoother and blended out quicker than the side of my face that didn’t have any primer.
After concealing, bronzing and sculpting my face, I noticed that the left side was much more blurred out than the right. There were nearly no pores on show and the makeup felt quiet light-weight. 

 If you would like to purchase this product, click on the link:



The second product that I have tried out was the Wonder Stick by NYX. It is a dual-ended highlighting and contouring stick that is supposed to create an illusion of a stronger jawline, more chiselled cheeks and a slimmer nose. Common, we don’t need to worry about our over-weight noses, it’s just contour. 


So, when initially applied, I noticed that both sticks are extremely creamy and soft on skin. Some products similar to this one usually tug on skin, which wrinkles it over years aaaand we don’t want that!
The first layer was on my bare skin (the left side had primer on) and it wasn’t harsh or too dark. Was easy to blend but then again, I didn’t make it perfect knowing that I will layer foundation over the contour. After applying foundation, I added a tab bit more of contour under my cheek bones and nose, to make it look slimmer. Sorry I cannot get over how funny that sounds. The finished look was great! The product blends perfectly with foundation and the second layer did not make it look thick or over the top. I then powdered my face to set everything into place and went on with my day.
The highlighter! It looked amazing on my skin. I wouldn’t not put it directly under my eye because it is a heavy product but it looked great on my cheekbones. I would consider myself a highlight queen so it was to my surprise that I did not top up, the first layer was enough.

Throughout the day I kept checking up on my face and noticed that the product stayed for pretty much the whole working day without me touching up! The contour was there, the highlighter shined brighter than ever and the left side of my face was still nice and smooth. 

Overall, very good products for the price 

If you would like to purchase this product, click on the link:




First of all, I would like to introduce my self to you dear reader. My name is Irina and I am working for Bradley's Pharmacy. I have a great passion for make-up & beauty and just love talking about it to my friends and family. To save their ears and to inform you of some tips and tricks that I have learned over some years, I decided to make a blog dedicated to beauty, health, lifestyle and of course, make-up! 

To break this down a bit; I am going to write up a blog each week about a product that I may be reviewing or trying out, a new fad, tips and tricks about make-up and a lot more topics that are associated with beauty & lifestyle. To make this more interesting, I am going to do a give-away each week. Yes, each week. It is going to be the product that I am reviewing that specific week. 

Simple enough! 

Also, don't forget to join us on Snapchat @ bradleysph and Facebook @

So, I hope that you enjoy this and don't be shy! Say hello! 




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