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Bradleys Pharmacist Blog

Back To School

Posted by Aileen - Churchtown Pharmacist on

As we come into August, we have to start thinking about the kids going back to school. Many parents will celebrate the start of September and many others will be busy preparing for what the new school year might bring. But the transition remains far from painless.

Here are some tips to get back to school with a healthy start.


We’ve heard those who fail to plan should plan to fail. Preparing for school is no different. Somehow that first day of school sneaks up on us, leaving us weary and smacking that snooze button. Getting a healthy dose of sleep each night before they’re back to school offers all a chance to get a healthy start. Ideally, start weaning them from late-night activities two weeks before the back to school date. Back up bedtime by 15- 20 minutes each night so that by the time school starts, they’ll be plenty tired for some good shut eye.

Healthy Routine

Kids thrive on routine; it reduces stress and anxiety. But the key word here is healthy. Plenty of kids acquire unhealthy routines, such as spending endless hours glued to a screen in lieu of exercise and getting outside. Try to get your kids out exercising; have a regular bedtime and reduce the amount of time that they have access to TV and handheld devices.

Healthy Diet

Smart food choices affect day-to-day functioning at school. It is no surprise then that students who are bored, restless, inattentive and sleepy or who have a bad memory are usually those who have poor eating habits. By choosing the right brain food, students can perform at their best.

For brainy solutions, choose foods that are rich in the following:

Vitamin B

  • Vitamin B remains crucial to concentration and memory.
  • Vitamin B can help reduce tiredness and fatigue.
  • Vitamin B can be found in whole-grain cereals, leafy green vegetables, dairy, eggs, meat, fish and fruits.

Omega-3 fatty acids

  • There is evidence that Omega-3 fatty acids supports cognitive health and brain function.
  • They can be found in cold-water fish such as salmon and mackerel, walnuts, flaxseed, canola oil, certain margarines, fortified dairy products and fortified eggs.

With a broad, balanced diet, it's possible for your child to get all the nutrients they need. However, the majority of children (and adults) do not get the well balanced diet they could. This could be down to a number of factors, such as bad habits, taste preferences, reluctance to try new foods, budget restrictions or time constraints.

These days there are a huge number of children's supplements available, containing a wide range of vitamins, minerals, fish oils, fibre and much more.

To help prevent busy, active children from becoming very fatigued, or after a period of illness Pharmaton Kiddi Health provides an excellent range of quality ingredients. It has a good levels of the B vitamins, which are important for the correct functioning of the nervous system. All the other key vitamins and minerals you would expect, such as Iron and Folic Acid are also included. Pharmaton Kiddi also contains Calcium, Phosphorous and the amino acid Lysine to help support healthy growth.

As well as the B vitamins we mentioned above, it's important that we get an intake of Omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are great for growing minds and have been shown to help improve concentration levels if taken for a period of six months. Haliborange softies omega-3 & multivitamins are a perfect alternative for school kids that don't like to eat salmon, mackerel or other oily fish.

Limiting the amount of high sugar products in lunch boxes can help limit a post lunch crash when blood sugar levels drop again, which can negatively affect concentration and mood.


An organised space clears a disorganised mind! Help your child plan how to best use their book bag, desk space and papers.

Good Hygiene

Sniffles and snotty noses run rampant in schools and can bring on colds and flus that hamper learning and fun. Four in five infectious diseases, such as stomach bugs, are spread by hands. Teach kids to wash hands after using the restroom, before eating and when coming home. A little bit of soap and friction will go a long way.


Listening to your child–whether it be about a teacher, a report, a peer or a problem–will go a long way towards building a strong bond and a sense of trust. Listening keys you in to your child’s experiences and can only help you better understand their needs and desires. Most importantly, listen for successes and celebrate!

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