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Curb the cravings

Posted by Shane Diamond the acting Pharmacist from Bradley's Pharmacy in Drogheda, Co. Louth on 26th Feb 2016

Curb the cravings

By the time spring rolls around, many of our new year resolutions have started to feel almost like a distant memory! Giving up smoking , and losing weight were high on many peoples list of plans for 2016. Easier said than done!

If you are finding that will power is beginning to fade, we have lots of products that can help curb your cravings and achieve your goals.

Prevention is always preferable to cure, and many serious diseases are entirely preventable by modifying our lifestyles. Two lifestyle changes which are proven to bring positive health benefits are giving up cigarettes and losing weight .neither of these are easy things to do on your own, and we can offer a range of products to support you.

Statistically you are more than twice as likely to stay off cigarettes if you use nrt. The range has expanded in recent years to include a wide array of delivery mechanisms including patches , gum , lozenges, oral sprays and inhalers. We keep all these products in our pharmacies and our staff will be happy to assist you in finding the right product to suit you best.

The Niquitin Stripes are an excellent way of helping to stop the cravings in a discreet way.

They are on special offer now in your nearest Bradley's Pharmacy.

We are also stocking some exiting new products to assist those who would to try and lose weight.

Two of the most popular are garcinia cambogia , a herbal product derived from the leaves of tropical plants and lineatabs - a synthetic ( manmade) product. These two products work in different ways and we have seen excellent results amongst our customers. Garcinia works primarily as an appetite suppressant, but additionally can help reduce cholesterol. Lineatabs are designed to work a bit like a sponge , which absorbs dietary fat- allowing you to continue to enjoy certain foods which would ordinarily be forbidden by most diets

All the best,


Acting Pharmacist in Drogheda for the past 2 years.